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What is an Escape Game?

An Escape Game is an escape game in real time. The principle is simple: you have 60 minutes to escape or succeed in the missions that are entrusted to you.

Each Escape Game room is decorated to transport you to another era. You will be at the heart of an intrigue in which you are the hero!

To escape, you'll have to solve a series of puzzles and break secret codes. You will need all your senses to be alert!

The game does not require any special knowledge or physical effort: it is based on communication, cooperation and reflection.

Throughout the game, you will be guided by a "Game Master" who will follow your progress thanks to a camera system. He will be able to interact with you if you ask for his help or if you get stuck.

2 rooms : 2 exciting adventures !

In "The School of Witchcraft of Poudlaàs", you are apprentice wizards trying to enter the prestigious Academy: spells and magic on the program!

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Do you want to face all the challenges that await you in Principal Gumbolus' mystical office?

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In "Gentlemen Burglars", you will be plunged into the 19th century to steal a precious diamond...

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Do you want to live an adventure in time by being in the shoes of thieves whose talent is matched only by their courtesy?

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